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Binoculars and Telescopes Testimonials.

It is always important and useful to receive feedback from our customers. This enables us to improve the service and move in the direction required by you. Please let us have your comments by e-mail, letter or fax, once you have had work carried out by Optrep Optical Repairs. For your interest, here are some of the most recent testimonials received from satisfied customers:

Here are some from people we have repaired binoculars, telescopes, etc for:

NOTE: The original Testimonials (e-mails, letters, etc) are kept on file at OptRep.

I would like to thank you for rendering a pair of unusable Zeiss 7x42 BGA/TP binoculars back to their original working condition. Having damaged and returned them to a Zeiss dealership many years before, to have them condemned as irreparable , they sat at home for over 15 years.
Your company, having received and assessed them, estimated the cost quickly and accurately and returned them promptly and in a condition which I still cannot believe.
I would like to convey my gratitude and thanks to OptRep for your service and the many hours of pleasure you made possible.
(K. Balcombe)

Received and very happy. The(Optolyth 10x40 Alpin are spectacular. Better than new binoculars are (apart from 40 years of external wear and tear) like new. Beautiful vision. I shall enjoy using them and forget about buying new!
(B. Cannell)

Just to say binoculars (Swarovski 7x50 SL) arrived today- Fantastic repair job, very happy with them.
(G. Fullerton)

Thanks you for a great service, the Helios 15x70 Apollo binoculars are spectacular!! Better than new! Iíve spent years looking through these prior to my lad spoiling them. Iím glad he did. These are simply fantastic now.
(G. Walsh, Preston).

Just to let you know my binoculars (Fujinon 10x50 FMTR-SX) landed back today. Iím really impressed with them, very quick and reasonably priced work. Thank you.
(Tom Oldham, Coniston).

Binocular (IOR 7x40 military type) arrived safe and sound, this morning. Thank you very much for a terrific job. Clean, clear, smoother operation. Excellent!
(Hamish McLellan, Dalbeattie)

The binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF30) arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you very much for your work on them, they are amazingly clear and look as they should.
(Andrew Slater).

Just to let you know my binoculars (Carl Zeiss 8x30 Deltrintem) arrived safely today. What a difference your service has made to them-so much crisper and clearer, plus I can now use the focus wheel easily. I never realised what I was missing. Thank you.
(Ian Leadbetter, Torpoint).

Mr. Kay took the binoculars I inherited from my father (1935 Carl Zeiss 6x30 Silvamar) and did a wonderful job cleaning them up and getting them working again.
All in all, he provided an excellent service and I am hugely grateful. All the more important to me because the binoculars are of great sentimental value.
(Nicky Harman, Weymouth)

...thank you for the speedy repair and despatch of the Bausch & Lomb (circa 1930s 6x30 US Army) binoculars. Iím truly delighted to have them back in full working order Ė hours of pleasure in store, I hope. Thank you very much.
Catherine Thorne.

Thank you very much for the beautiful renovation job you have done on my Zeiss 7x50 U-Boat binoculars, safely arrived this morning. It is great to have them back in full working order after decades of disrepair. They are giving a very nice crisp image again and are as good as new! Thank you for your beautiful work.
(Mark Brandreth).

The binoculars (6x30 The Portland) arrived this morning safe and sound. Their repair is superb. I would like to offer my grateful thanks to you and your team for getting them back to perfect working order despite the Pandemic challenges affecting us all.
(Joe Dowling, Dublin).

Hi Tony, just a quick note to thank you for the speedy return of the binoculars (Zeiss 7x40 NVA (DDR)) which I received yesterday. I am very pleased with the results and the improvement in contrast when looking against the light is quite remarkable, especially so at dawn and dusk. These are probably as good now as when they left the factory in 1973.
Thanks again (Ivan Humphrey, Enniskillen).

Just to confirm I received the binoculars (Leica 8x42 BN Trinovid) back yesterday. Youíve done a great job: itís good to have them in working order again and theyíve not been so clean for years.
(Andrew Hoodless, Hook).

Hi, got the binoculars (Leica 10x25 Trinovid) back today, great to be able to use them without eye strain! Focus much smoother too. Thanks again for the great service.
Sam, Lichfield).

Package arrived in good condition. Over the moon with them (Carl Zeiss 8x Feldstecher and a 1942 Kershaw 6x30 WD). I now realise what I have missed over the years.
(John Nightingale, Norwich).

Thanks very much for your knowledgeable work! (On Busch 6x35 Hellux binoculars). Good for another 90 years!
(Michiel van Aardenne, Holland.).

Just to say thank you for repairing my Regent 7x50 binoculars. You have done an excellent job and I am very pleased with them.
(J. Fitzgerald, Pulborough).

We are delighted with the service you have carried out for us! Our binoculars (Leica 10x42 Ultravid) look and feel almost like new.
Mike Brown (Swanage).

Dear Tony, my grandfatherís binoculars (old German 8x24) arrived safely today in perfect working order and I am so pleased with this present I have given myself this Christmas! Thank you for your diligent work restoring them. Greatly appreciated.
David Fahie (Sudbury).

Thank you so much for your work sir! Thank God for your gift! (Leitz 8x32 Trinovid).
Alin Popian, (Quebec, Canada).

I literally came home from work 15 min.ago. Unpacked and happy to see the way you packed it (Carl Zeiss 8x60 Marinesamt binoculars). After viewing through I can confirm they are as perfect as they can be. In perfect collimation and the optics are back to 99.95% clarity. You did a brilliant job Antony. Andre van Rijn (The Netherlands).

The KM binoculars (Carl Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine) arrived back safe and well packed thank you. Nicely cleaned and collimated thanks again. Must rank as the dirtiest pair I have bought so far. I am pleased with them and have to say I couldnít even see the grid so its nice to see it exists! Andrew Gamble (Sheffield).

Hi Tony. Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did on the binos. (Carl Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine). Tried them out straight away and canít believe how great youíve got the lenses. A very happy customer. Fin Valentine (Inverness).

Thanks for the binoculars (Barr & Stroud 8x30 WA) received in good order today. I had a walk round the fields looking at the birds and they are clearer and sharper than for many years. I really like that you are keeping a skill going that is not so easy to find now. Peter Martin (Brecon).

Binoculars (Leitz 10x22C Trinovid) are now working well, with no evidence of the repair. The turnaround was efficient and quick, and I am very pleased with the service. Paul McWhinney (West Yorkshire).

Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service (to 1942 Spencer Lens 7x50 US Navy binoculars), as you said they are outstanding.
The air being clear today and the flight path to North America being close by I was easily able to identify aircraft at a distance of over eight miles.
(Glyn, Peterborough).

What a wonderful picture now. Collimated, white image, silky mechanics and all that this magnificent binocular should be (Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, 10x50 porro binoculars). And Iím glad it is cosmetically honest with its signs of high useage Ė that means I neednít worry about continuing to give it a practical life as a constant user. Many thanks for the speedy, good work.
(K. Robinson, Maidenhead).

Zeiss Dialyt (10x40B) arrived back yesterday Ė very many thanks. Absolutely brilliant! Very pleased.
(T. Walter, Congresbury).

Received (Leica APO-Televid 77 scope) on Tuesday, tested in good visibility, excellent results and I believe sharper than before the misalignment occurred. Many thanks.
(Geoff Brown, Hexham).

My treasured binoculars (Leica 8x32BA Trinovid) arrived back here safe and sound this morning. SO well packed. And they work BRILLIANTLY and are as good as new, if not better. Thank you so much for your excellent service. Where will we be when all the good service folk are no longer around? I hope we meet one day.
(Mike Hodge, Harpenden)

I have received the binoculars (Zeiss 10x40 BGA/T*P). Thanks for a fantastic job, I am more pleased than I can tell you to have them back with a new lease of life.
(Tom Jaworski, London).

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done. My binoculars (Bushnell 8x42 Birdlife) are now absolutely smashing and I am very, very grateful.
(Susan Malcolm-Bonny, Eastbourne)

Many thanks indeed for your fabulous work on my Falcon (6-18x35 zoom) binoculars. I had no idea just how clear and sharp they could be. They are an absolute pleasure to use. Top marks!
(Paul Waring, Buxton)

Just to let you know my binoculars (Carl Zeiss 10x50W Jenoptem) arrived safely today. What a difference your service has made to them Ė its fantastic.
(Mark Poulton, Worthing)

Binoculars (Swift 8.5x44 Audubon) received today Ė really transformed them Ė excellent job!
(F. Routledge, Dorset).

I now have the wrecked and tampered with binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF41 7x50) you kindly repaired for me and I am very pleased with the result. Given their condition, I hardly expected that they could be restored. You did exactly what I wanted, quickly and for a reasonable price. There must be quite a few people who have kept their fatherís or grandfatherís WW2 service binoculars and I can only recommend that they use your services.
(A. Downing, Carouge, Switzerland).

Many thanks for the clean-up job that you did on the 10x80 (45į) binoculars. ÖÖÖ.I ought just to give you the heads-up that you have done a first-class job and that I am very pleased with the result. Not yet sure who will be given them but it seemed to be such a waste to leave them as they were.
N. Pitts, London).

The Zeiss 10x40 Notarem binoculars arrived back yesterday and I am delighted with them. I hadnít noticed how the image had degraded over the years Ė it is perfect now: tightly focusable and very bright. When I first got them I compared them to a friendís Leitz equivalent and we decided the Zeiss were better!
(M. Hammill, Llangodded).

Iím pleased to say the cxn (WW2 10x80 (80į)) binoculars have arrived back safely. What a fantastic job you have done, especially considering the very poor state they were in! I am so pleased to have them restored and will look after them carefully in future.
(G. Day, Newtownards, N. Ireland).

Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the wonderful job you did on my dadís WW2 field glasses.
The whole family is pleased.
(T. Glynn, Florida, USA).

Tony, this is just a small note to say a BIG thank you for doing such a fantastic job with Annís Kershaw (6x30) binoculars. Sheís absolutely delighted with them and its been a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, its very much appreciated.
(J. Bright, Darlington).

Arrived safely (1942 50mm 3-draw brass telescope) and a great job done. Many thanks
(M. Flynn, Bury St. Edmunds).

Just to thanks you for bringing my binoculars (Carl Zeiss 8x30W Jenoptem) back to life and, as you said, they are as good as new. I can now see everything, and some things I donít want to see. Well done.
(R. Fox, Cork, Eire).

The Deltrintem you serviced is excellent, pleasure to use. Thank you very much.
(I. Hewitson, Stockton-on-Tees).

Received (Leica APO-Televid 77 scope) on Tuesday, tested in good visibility, excellent results and I believe sharper than before the misalignment occurred. Many thanks.
(Geoff Brown, Hexham)

I would like to thank you for the work on my binoculars (Carl Zeiss 8x30B porro type). They are just great. I am so pleased to have these back in good order. It is most fortunate to have someone who is ready, willing and able to restore old binoculars to like new state.
(John Ryan, Castro Valley, USA).

Having sent my vintage second-hand pair of Zeiss 7x42BGA/T*P* Dialyt binoculars to OptRep for a complete overhaul, the image quality is now superb, rather than good. I wish I’d had it done earlier.
(Ed Castle, Chelmsford, Essex).

Many thanks for servicing my Zeiss 10x50W Jenoptem binoculars. They had been hanging on a hook in my storeroom in India for twelve years and the lenses were covered in fungus and lots of dust had got in there. Looking through them was like looking through the fog. The difference after servicing is amazing – just like new, so sharp and the contrast in the colours has to be seen to be believed. The service was really quick and the price a lot less than I was expecting. Thank you very much and I will highly recommend your service to my friends.
(Harry Pickles, Burnley, Lancashire).

I’ve received the binoculars (blc 7x50 UDF U-Boat type) I’m very glad This is a good job (considering) how bad were the binoculars. (J. Martinez, Rome).

Just a few brief words to express my gratitude for your restoration work on my late father’s WWII 6x30 Dienstglas. The optics are crystal clear with perfect focusing, your revised repair to the fractured eyepiece is most impressive and even the original painted screw heads remain totally unmarked. I know you receive much rarer and more valuable items than this, but you have applied just the same expert, professional and sympathetic skills, which I greatly appreciate. (B. Martin, Diss, Norfolk).

Wanted to drop you a few words after receiving and testing the repairs made to my ancient binoculars (1940 Kershaw 6x30 WD). Are you some kind of magician? The repair was worth every penny. You sounded confident with your replies to me re the options on repairs and I am delighted with the results. I cannot believe how well they now perform. Yor service is fantastic. (J. Lowe, Stalybridge, Cheshire).

I was excited to receive my binoculars (10x40 RP) after their service…… I am delighted with your efforts, and having thought on sending them that you may well have said they were ‘finished’, I find myself in possession of an excellent pair of binoculars…..Your service was first rate. (D. Addison, Knivsta, Sweden).

I just received my binoculars this morning. I wanted to send along a quick note to say what a wonderful job you did with regard to servicing my US Westinghouse 1943 WW2 binoculars. Your service was speedy, turn-around time was amazing for this time of year (Christmas) and the work done on them was quite flattering considering how dusty they were before I sent them over to you. Literally, for me, using them is like night and day and you did an amazing job bringing them back to their former glory.
I will recommend your work to anyone needing similar work 7 days to Sunday.
(P.Polansky, Walsall).

Received scope (Opticron GS665GA prismatic scope) back today. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. I think the focus must have been going for a while as I cant remember the last time it was so smooth! I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends if their scope goes wrong. Thanks once again.
(D. Wright, Sunderland).

I recently received the 90 year old Kenbar 8x30 De Luxe binoculars which I sent you for repair a number of weeks ago. What can I say? A total transformation. I realise they were in a very poor condition when I sent them to you but the transformation is unbelievable. I live near the South West Coast of Ireland where there is lots of marine traffic. I have gone from seeing a blob in the distance to being able to make out sail registration numbers from quite a distance away! The 3D effect is remarkable for binoculars nearly 90 years old. Where new commodities are the order of the day it is reassuring to know that professionals like yourself value the old as well the new. Your competence in this field is second to none. This is a niche market and it is wonderful that you can bring back old technology to its former glory. I am totally happy with the cost of reconditioning and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.
(A. Collins, Cork, Republic of Ireland).

Binoculars (Zeiss 10x25B Dialyt) received. Many thanks for such prompt service – will not hesitate to recommend your company.
(R. Pycroft, Horsham).

Binoculars arrived safely yesterday. They look nothing like the item I sent you last month, until I checked the serial number I honestly thought you had sent me someone else’s new pair in error. A truly wonderful job again, thank you so much.
(H. Butcher, Three Bridges, West Sussex).

I received the Barr & Stroud (CF41 7x50) binoculars back again and what a change. You have worked magic on them - very clear and easy on the eye. I can understand why the Navy used them. Thanks very much.
(L. Roach, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs).

My binoculars arrived this morning as promised. They are like new, you have done a fantastic job, thanks so much. The service was 5 star too...
(Noreen Jones).

...I consulted Optrep about my old Zeiss 10x40 Notarem and decided to renovate them. I’m delighted with the results, they’re clearer and brighter than I thought they could be... I find that the newly precise alignment makes them much easier on the eye and faster on the draw. I highly commend OptRep’s work and will have no hestitation in using them for any further repairs...
(Kevin O’Kelly, Co. Wicklow, Ireland).

Thanks for the repair of my 20 year old Nikon 7x35 binoculars. They are now as good as new. I’d forgotten how good they are.
(Richard Divers, Presteigne, Powys).

Due to work I have only been able to try out the repaired Nikon Prostaff (prismatic) telescope today. What a relief to find it working perfectly all as before it was dropped. Thankyou for a really great repair, most appreciated.
(Clive Tanner, Brentwood, Essex).

...thank you for the speedy repair and service to the Greenkay binoculars, absolutely super bright lenses now.
(Ian Atkinson, Bury, Lancs).

I got my Nikon telescope back OK thanks and it is much improved. Most impressed.
(Matt Doncaster, Millom, Cumbria).

Thanks for the overhaul of my (Ross 9x35 Stepruva) binoculars, they are great, wish I had them done years ago. ...everything is now crystal clear.
(Richard Lofts, Newport, Gwent).

Acknowledge return of repaired Leica 7x42BA Trinovid binoculars and thank you for a good and efficient service.
(Rory Hogan, Ladymount, Republic of Ireland).

Binoculars (Zeiss 10x40B Dialyt) received and they are wonderfully clear and much easier to use.
(Andrew Brammall, Ambleside, Cumbria).

...received my overhauled Swarovski 10x42 SLC binoculars – I am THRILLED with them…. Thank you so much for a great service, its nice to see that the ability to repair things has not completely died in an age of disposable everything...
(Willem-Joost de Gier, Somerset).

Thanks a lot for the perfect restoration of my optics Barr & Stroud CF41 (7x50 RN binoculars), they function like new.
Jan Cop, Duffel, Belgium).

Just to let you know the binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF18 8x30) arrived today. Another excellent job by you. Thank you very much.
(Garth Rigby, Wigan, Greater Manchester).

Today the package arrived. I am excited about your work (recementing object lenses for Fortress binoculars) - excellent! Thank you - happy again.
(Hans Leichtfried, Austria).

...opened the return box yesterday, ‘wow’ what a revelation, they (Ross 13x60 ‘Enbeeco’) are perfect, they are as good if not better than when I got them home in May 1964. You have saved an old friend, thank you.
(J. Lycett, Southport).

Thanks for the fantastic work! You really did a wonderful job. I have another pair (blc 8x60) I would like to send to you for refurbishment. Thank you so much again!!
(A. Castro, San José, California, USA).

Tony – safely received (Leica 10x42 BA Trinovid) and I am delighted with the outcome. The difference, even ignoring the actual damage, is remarkable. Many thanks indeed for your excellent service and quality of work.
(D. Stinson, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics.).

Recently I had occasion to take a World War II observation binocular (Somet/Meopta 25x100 45°) in a very sorry state of repair to the Selsey workshop of Tony Kay (Senior). Through a combination of technical understanding of the highest order and skilled craftsmanship he restored it to its original excellence. All of this was done for more than a reasonable fee and with a friendly courtesy that wore lightly his exceptional ability and skill in matters both optical and mechanical.
(Abban Murphy, Hounslow, Middlesex).

Hi Tony, thanks for the wonderful job you did on my blc 12x60 (45°) rangefinder binoculars. When I bought these I thought they were OK, then I decided to get you to overhaul them for me. I cannot believe the difference you made to them. Fantastic. I would also like to congratulate you on the care you take in the way you return them so safe and secure. Once again Tony, thanks for a wonderful job.
(G. Roberts, Portland, Dorset).

I was delighted with the monocular (Barr & Stroud CF26A 10x50).
(Sir John Scott, Hawick).

My friend Einar is very satisfied with the job you have done and it (beh 8x60) seems to be like new optically. Personally, I am also surprised by the general optical qualities of this model, which seems to be better than as described in Seeger.
(O. Jakob, Trondheim, Norway).

They (Leica 7x42 BA Trinovid) arrived back safely and are as good as (if not better than) new! Thanks for a great job.
(David Speight, Bakewell, Derbyshire).

My overhauled Bausch & Lomb 6x30s arrived safely yesterday. I’ delighted with the transformation, they are now sharp and clear and a pleasure to use. Congratulations on a speedy and 1st class service.
(Peter Curtis, Adfa, Powys).

Thank you for the speedy repair and return of my Trinovid (8x32) binoculars. They arrived here safely today, cleaned, aligned and once more working well. It is gratifying to know that in our increasingly ‘disposable’ world there are still people like you who are prepared to invest time and effort to the maintenance and repair of such products.
(John Wheeley, Saltash, Devon).

Yesterday we went to the mountains to see where young hawks are trained to fly. I brought the binoculars (E. Leitz 15x60 (IF) ‘Campofort’) that you have overhauled, together with my Zeiss 15x60 BGA/T* binoculars, as the best existing one. Well, after your work, the two were equivalent, except where there is light directly in the visual field, due to the surface (coating) treatment of the Zeiss. Congratulations for your excellent work. The level of your work is equivalent to that of our Laboratorio di Precisione dell’Escerito (Army’s precision laboratory) who is responsible for maintenance of military optics. I wish you can go on and on in your work.
(Brig.General Prof. Costante de Simone, Rome, Italy).

Just a quick note to say thanks for the work you completed on our items (various binoculars). You would never know anyone has been inside them which is always a sign of good work. Optically they are all first class and I can certainly tell the difference immediately.
(Steve of S.E.Cameras, Swinton, Manchester).

My Leica binoculars (8x20BC Trinovid) arrived back safe and sound today. They’re as good as new so thank you very much for your very efficient and prompt attention.
(Mike Ritchie, Great Whittington, NE).

Thanks Tony, the binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF41 7x50) arrived today in good shape. Nice to have them restored to good order. They would have been pretty useless without all your efforts but that’s one of the problems of EBay. Thanks for looking after them so well
Robert Clark, Victoria, B.C., Canada).

Tony, many thanks for quick delivery. Binoculars (Carl Zeiss 6x30 ‘Marineglas’) are great. Can’t believe that they are nearly 100 years old and as clear as they are.
N. Jenkins, Bootle, Merseyside)

It is some while since the optics on both instruments (Carl Zeiss 10x50W Jenoptem binoculars and a Docter 8x21 monocular) have been so good and clear and it is nice to be able to use the centre focus of the binoculars rapidly again. Well done for a first rate job and back-up service.
(C. Howell, Winchester).

Your work really has proved the point of your work being really worthwhile – we now have splendid views of both cruise ships and yachts and when the Cherbourg ferry comes close by you can almost recognise the people! (WW2 beh 10x80 45° binoculars).
(David and Barbara Wake, Shanklin, Isle of Wight).

I have now received the binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF41 7x50) and they are just like new. Many thanks!
(P. Crawley, Chiselborough, Somerset).

Just received the binoculars(Zeiss 10x40 BGA/T*P Dialyt). Great job Tony, well worth the money. Thanks.
(G. Koopman, Kelowna, Canada).

Thank you for returning my beautifully serviced Hartmann-Optik (6x30 Leichtmetall-Porlerim) binoculars. I am delighted with the result, and most impressed with the efficiency of your operation.
(Mike Trier, London).

Just a quick note to say the binoculars (Zeiss 10x40B Dialyt) are fantastic and working beautifully – thanks for your help in fixing them – very much appreciated.
(Robert MacDougall-Davis, Oxford).

All back home (NLI 7x50 MkIV) well repaired. Very many thanks for excellent service.
(Lord Annandale, Lockerbie).

Thank you very much for servicing and repairing the above binoculars (WW2 Srb & Stys 7x50)….. I am delighted with the result and I hope they’ll give another 75 years service.
(Peter Riddy, Compton, Guildford).

A note to say that these (German 10x80 45°) arrived safely a couple of days ago and to thank you for doing such a thorough job on them. They work fine and look a whole lot better.
(Angus Graham, Blanefield, Glasgow).

Many thanks for your excellent work on my old binoculars (Carl König, Köln, 8x30 JSA). They really are as good as new now and I had thought that they might be beyond repair.
(Jonathan Armstrong, Perranwell, Cornwall).

Hi Tony, received with thanks the 12x60 (Zeiss 45°) binoculars, wonderful job what a difference, so clear……
(Graham Roberts, Portland, Dorset).

Many thanks for the servicing and repairs. The binocs (E. Leitz 6x24 ‘Binolit’) are excellent now and, considering they were made in 1936, I reckon you have granted them another 78 years of enjoyment.
(Rob Culverhouse, Totnes, Devon)

The binoculars (WW2 dkl 10x80 45°) have just arrived, on time as you promised, and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the work you have carried out on them.  You have transformed them from being dirty and unremarkable to something which is now optically excellent.  Thank you once again Tony, I am delighted.
(Garth Rigby, Standish, Greater Manchester).

Many thanks for the superb job you did on my German WW2 6x30s (Dienstglas). The glasses were hazy with fungus in one side and eyepiece adjustment was loose. I didn’t think they would come back optically like new! Impressive stuff and very reasonably priced.
(Jonnie Rogers, Newport, Gwent).

Hi Tony, Zeiss West (8x30 porro) arrived safe and sound home yesterday! Many thanks for a Great Job indeed! “I can see clearly now the fog has gone”…….
(Duncan Studd, Eumundi, Queensland, Australia).

I received the Leitz Trinovid 10x40 binoculars you worked on in the mail this past Saturday, and I am extremely impressed. The difference is amazing. Thank you very much.
(Chris Morrison, Brewer, Me., USA).

My binoculars (Soviet 6x24) arrived this morning and I am delighted with them……all set now for our birding holiday in Scotland.
(Jean Frobel, Tenby, Pembrokeshire).

Telescope (Denhill 3-draw brass type) has arrived safe and sound. Thanks for your skilful repair and refurbishment of an item that has great value to me.
(Brian Latham, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire).

Thank you for returning my Leica Trinovid (10x42) binoculars so promptly, having effected such a prompt and expert repair to them. This is something even Leica in Germany and nobody else in this country seemed able to do. I am delighted with the result as the binoculars have sentimental value to me. Please pass on my thanks to the member of staff who carried out such excellent work.
(J.Whitworth, Oakham.)

Thanks for your prompt attention to these glasses (Zeiss 10x40 BGA/T Dialyt), purchased on 24 June 1989. I’ve now been able to try them out, and am genuinely delighted with what you’ve done, it is the best (money) I have spent for many a year. It throws into sharp relief not only objects far and near but also the wisdom of purchasing good quality optics whenever possible, and I am sure that, barring unforeseen accidents, the binoculars ahould give me first-rate service until my own “sell by” date.
(R. Bickerton, Harrogate).

Thank you for your incredible service. My Leitz 8x32 Trinovid binoculars which had seen 30+ years of hard use in conditions ranging from blazing summer to snow and sleet winter have been returned to me in a most wonderful restored condition. Prior to the refurbishment there was mould on the internal elements and the centre shaft was loose. In addition I greatly appreciate Tony’s patience and assistance in advising on the shipping of these glasses to OptRep – it has been a wonderful service in every sense.
Ke. Brown, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Just went out and picked them up at the P.O. (Ross 9x35 Stepruva and 1944 Kershaw 6x30). Not that just that all the ‘junk’ of close to 70 years has disappeared, but the brightness is incredible. Thanks
Tony. W. Dunsmore, Vernon, BC, Canada.

The binoculars (Leitz 10x40B 'Trinovid') arrived today. I was amazed at the improvement in the picture – especially the close view – they really are as good as new. Thank you so much!
(J. Farrington, Walsall, West Midlands).

In 2012 I sent a pair of Zeiss 6x30 Marineglas from WW1 to OptRep for service and cleaning. The result was excellent. I have recently sent five pairs of military binoculars, one from WW1 and four from WW2. They returned after three weeks. OptRep has done it again. The instruments are restored to 'as new' condition, both optically and functionally. Buying binoculars without trying them is a risky business. Some are described wrongly or incompletely by the seller. If your binoculars need repair/servicing/cleaning, OptRep is your firm, and Tony Kay (Sr.) is your man.
(Ole Jakob Johansen, Trondheim, Norway).

I have received the binoculars (Old Goerz 8x26 ‘Trieder-Binocle’) and am delighted you have been able to sort them out. I can imagine my grandfather, who started as a private in the Royal Flying Corps and made his way up to Air Commodore in the RAF, using them in this optical condition 100 years ago.
(Mike Archbold, Rothesay, Isle of Bute).

Very pleased with repairs to all three binoculars (serviced). Used the (Zeiss 8x40) Delactis in the garden this afternoon to watch a Spitfire and Hurricane flying over the Detling County Show held about a mile from our house – the view transformed!
(Peter Watkins, Detling, Kent).

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service of my binoculars. The difference the clean you conducted is amazing. I am currently enjoying an outstanding view of this stunning end of Skye with a view of the local wildlife and across to the Minch as I have never seen it before!
(Lorraine Scott-Nolan, Isle of Skye).

A quick note to thanks you very much for doing such a great job with the Zeiss 7x50 UBoat binoculars….. am so pleased with the work you have done. Given their age and the extraordinary lengths Zeiss went to in sealing them up, I had despaired of finding anyone who could restore them. Although I wasn’t around when these were made, they are surely back to being as good as new.
(Paul Watkins, Princeton, USA).

Repaired binoculars (Avian F 8x42 RP.WP.PC) received this morning and performing aswell as they ever did. Thanks for the speedy repair, I’m sure that my insurers are happy that they will not be forking out for a new pair and having had the usual ‘send them to us for an estimate’ response from others it was a pleasure to find someone who came back with anacceptable estimate based upon photographs of the damage.
(Tony Spence, Buxton, UK).

... I received the binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF41 7x50) yesterday and want to tell you how delighted I am with what you have done for me. Thank you so much.
(Garth Rigby, Wigan, UK).

Many thanks for the competent repair. I had tried several places to get them repaired, but the answer was always in the same vein – can’t get the parts from Leica. You were my last chance – and you effected a repair without having to go for replacement of the parts. Thanks a lot!
(O. Dixon, Hexham, Northumberland, UK).

Many thanks for the excellent cleaning and overhaul service you have performed on my Ross 9x35 binoculars. …..I have been searching for several years for a skilled repairer to accomplish this task, but until now, all others have rejected the job because the objective lenses are cemented in place….. Now, thanks to your skills, I can once again enjoy these, my favourite binoculars….. I am extremely pleased and would recommend your service wholeheartedly to everyone.
(R. Cox, Huntingdon, Cambs, UK.).

My Leica binoculars (Leica 7x42BA Trinovid) arrived this morning….. They are working fine, just like new. Your service and work has been excellent.
(S. Fox, Leicester, UK).

Many thanks for doing such an excellent repair on my aged but much-loved Carl Zeiss Jenoptem 8x30W binoculars……It will be a great pleasure to use them again. I will very definitely recommend you without hesitation……
B. Davis, London, UK).

My binoculars (Leica 8x32BA Trinovid) arrived safely yesterday morning. I am delighted with the work you have done – they are so much clearer now. Thank you also for the rapid turnaround.
(J. Lipscombe, Skipton, UK).

The binos (1943 Taylor-Hobson 6x30 ex-WD) arrived today. I must say, I didn’t quite expect such a difference; they are brilliant. The sight is clear and crisp. Even the dioptre rings work like a charm again. No rattling, just smooth adjusting of the dioptres.
(T. Tesser, Arnhem, The Netherlands).

Thank you so much for the repair of my Leica APO Televid 77 scope. Its like new and the quick turnaround is much appreciated. I was so please to get it back so quick. ...the work you do/service you offer is to a high standard at a fair price with good communication...
Des Roberts, Whitwell, Notts, UK.

Just a quick note to say how well pleased we are with the service and repairs you carried out on the (Leica 8x42 BA Trinovid) binoculars. They are as good as new and I am delighted that you were able to rescue them from what would otherwise have been the 'scrapheap' as they were clearly no longer useable in their present state.
Terry Bond, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK.

How wonderful to have my Leica Televid 77 scope back in full working order! After I dropped it I thought it was done for but you worked a 'miracle' on it. May you continue your excellent work for many years to come.
B. Marshal, Ilford, London, UK.

I want to thank you very much for the work that you carried out for my Leitz (6x24) Amplivid binoculars. You did a superb and fast job. It is a pleasure to use them again. It is great to have a company like yours which is willing to service my instrument when the original maker declines to perform any work on their redoubtable product presently.
Dr. John C. Ling, Davis, California, USA. really did a more than marvellous job to my (Nikon 12x50 SE) binoculars. It arrived in a really perfect condition. Before your Optrep treatment, it was a really good binocular but now it is really world class!! Thank you very much for this.
Gertjan van der Kooij, The Netherlands.

Binoculars (Celestron 25x70 Skymaster) arrived Wednesday. Very quick turnaround. First thing that impressed me was how clean and new they looked. I have had a quick look through them and they are even better now than before they lost alignment... Thanks for a first class job.
Alan Bennett, Kendal, Cumbria, UK.

I have received (Carl Zeiss, West, 8x30B porro binoculars) back from you. Thank you so much for your professional work. The binoculars mean a lot to me as (they were) owned by my late father. To be able to use them now and at such an amazing performance level after repairs has me amazed and grateful.
Kit Chye, Brisbane, Australia.

I've just received the (Docter 15x60 'Nobilem') binoculars and they look and work great. Thanks very much for a fantastic job
Rajendran, Singapore.

Received my Spindler & Hoyer (8x30 'Moacht') binoculars back first thing this morning. Excellent service. A definite improvement...
Gary Blyth, Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK.

...the Longchamp (8x30 CF) binoculars have been delivered back to me this morning safe and sound. What an improvement! I am so pleased with the result and thank you so much for doing the work so quickly.
Jack Taylor, Hitchin, Herts, UK.

Just to let you know that I am very pleased with your excellent renovation service, which has given a new lease of life to my aged (Oculus 8x30 ZCF) binoculars.
Gerard Wyllys, Blandford, Dorset, UK.

Binoculars (1938 Carl Zeiss 8x30 'Deltrintem') arrived safely. Splendid job, must be as good as new!
Chris Williams, Basingstoke, Hants, UK.

..I received my binoculars today and I want to thank you and the staff for doing a great job in restoring my (1942 Universal Camera M6 6x30) binoculars to near mint condition.
Mike Capodarco, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Thank you so much for what you have done for my (Barr & Stroud CF29 7x42) binoculars. The transformation is miraculous. Before I was pretending that the little I could see was great because it was an old pair. Now I realise they needed repair and they can be fantastic.
Jamie Taylor, Bath, Avon, UK.

Thank you so much for what you have done for my binoculars (Barr & Stroud CF297x50). The transformation is miraculous. Before, I was pretending that the little I could see was great because it was an old pair. Now I realise they needed repair and they can be fantastic.
(Jamie Taylor, Bath, Avon, UK).

After some very enjoyable years using my 22x100 binoculars for astronomy, they became unuseable……Optrep repaired them very quickly and I was able to inspect them upon collection and could already see that they appeared to be perfect. Later that night, I was able to use the 20x100s and (they) were once again a pleasure to use now that they were perfectly collimated and cleaned. Before the service, I struggled with getting enough adjustment on the right eyepiece, and was pleasantly surprised that they were now set up perfectly and can easily cater for my dodgy right eye! would definitely recommend Optrep and would have no hesitation in using them again if needed.
(Kevin Roulson, Honiton, Devon, UK).

Really pleased with the work you have done (on my Zeiss 10x50W Jenoptem binoculars). Its great to have them working again and so well.
(R. Longfield, Weston Patrick, Hants, UK).

My WW2 Nikko 20x120 binoculars with 45° eyepieces were personally delivered to Tony’s workshop. They had poor optical performance and a damaged eyepiece section. A difficult repair, or so I thought! Tony made a fantastic job of repairing them. The lenses are clean and bright and collimation spot on. Great job and nice guy!
(Russ Grief, UK).

Thank you very much indeed for mending my 1.75” 3-draw brass telescope and for doing it so quickly. When I found it earlier in the year, in a cupboard, with its lens broken I thought I would have great difficulty getting it fixed so I felt very fortunate to have found Optrep on our computer. The scope belonged to my Great-great-grandfather and is a piece of history, so it is great to have it in working order. Thank you again very much indeed.
(Charlotte Hingston, Muir of Ord, UK).

Binoculars (Leica 10x42 BN Trinovid) safely arrived……thank you for turning them around so quickly. And, wow, absolutely amazing result! Its like having a brand new pair of binoculars – utterly superb. I’d recommend you to anyone.
P. Weeks, Witney, Oxfordshire, UK

Thanks for everything. Its always a pleasure forking out when you get good service with no hassle. Worth every penny……….its as if my binoculars (Carl Zeiss 10x40Bmc Notarem) are brand new – in fact I think maybe they never showed their true potential until now.
David Goodwin, Headington, Oxford, UK

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful repair and servicing you have done on my much loved binoculars. They are as good as new, and now that they have been serviced as well, I realise how much they needed servicing as well!
Mary MacDougall-Davis, Oxford, UK.

Many thanks for the swift repair of my 10x40 Zeiss Dialyt binoculars. I must admit I was not looking forward to being without them for the first time in many years but it was relatively painless experience and a much faster turn around than I expected. I would certainly recommend you whole heartedly to anyone who needs optical repair work carried out.
Mike Baker, Romsey, UK.

Tony Kay senior has been repairing telescopes and binoculars for over 50 years now and is a true professional and expert in his field. I cannot recommend this (Optrep) service more highly and have been mightily impressed by Tony’s professionalism and high standards. …..So, if you are unfortunate to have an optical accident, do not hesitate to contact Tony…
(Lee G.R.Evans of the British Birding Association).

Having received my old Navy CF41 binoculars back from your premises after being stripped, serviced and repaired, I have been amazed at the transformation in performance and would not have thought it possible on such elderly optics. I put this down to the quality of Barr & Stroud and the excellence of your service. Would that you could do the same for my old eyes. Thank you.
J. Carr, Carnoustie, Scotland, UK

The binoculars (Leitz 8x40BA Trinovid) came back this morning. Thank you for returning them to their excellent original condition. Excellent service at a fair price!
Douglas Bromley, Perth, Scotland, UK

…..and WOW! I am looking forward to taking them (20x50 ZCF Telstar) out properly – they are transformed.
Bettina Vine, Barnes, London, UK

The binoculars (Zeiss (West) 8x30B) arrived today and I want to thank you for the fantastic work you have done. If I ever need optical repairs I will contact you and I will tell my friends the top quality of your work.
António Paixão, Portugal

Thank you very much for the rapid turnaround on my Audubon binoculars, they are like new again. Thanks for outstanding service.
Chris Thwaites, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, UK

… Leitz 7x42 arrived today. I am happy with the results. It appears that these oldies now have quite a few years of useful life left in them. Thanks for your quick and expert work. I will certainly recommend your service if the opportunity presents itself.
(Manfred Kusch, California, USA

Received my binoculars (Leitz 7x42BA Trinovid) in the post today. Many thanks for your swift service, they are fantastic. Its getting dark now and I have just had them out for a try. Its like when you have put up with rather bad eyesight for a while then you get your first glasses – born again is the sharpness and clarity. Many, many thanks.
Peter Hall, Pwllheli, Wales, UK

(I received) the Zeiss 7x42 on Saturday and I am very pleased. Your work is perfect, absolutely perfect.
Serge-Antoine Legrand, Maisons Alfort, France

My grandfather’s (antique) French 8x28 binoculars arrived back here yesterday. I’m delighted with the TLC you’ve given them; a great result. Many thanks.
Mark Dunn, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK

The owner of a Zeiss Jena 8x30 for 40 years, I was considering treating myself to a modern pair of Zeiss, until I chanced upon ‘Optrep’ on the Net. Within a week or so I had not only dispatched the binoculars for overhaul but had received them as perfect optically as the day I purchased them. A brilliant technician.
(David Walker, Walsall, UK).

Thank you once again for cleaning and renovating my 8x30 Zeiss (West) binoculars. It clearly was a testing task due to the missing seals and damaged screws but now that I have had them in the field I am very pleased with the result. They have been restored once again to their original clarity and mechanical condition and, of course, my pride of ownership.
(John Hughes, UK).

Now – that’s what I call a good service! You did a repair as requested, very quickly, returning to me a pair of binoculars which now work better than they did from the day they were given to me.
(John Pryse, Burgess Hill, UK).

...I received my binoculars (Zeiss M 7x40 Flektogon Super S) back having been serviced (including fitting a new prism). I should like very much to thank you for the very efficient and businesslike manner you dealt with the restoration of my
binoculars. I have owned these for some 40 years and look forward to using them in the future in their now amazing restored condition. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends...
Stephen Ucko, Netanya, Israel

I received excellent and friendly service when I ….had my Leitz 10x40B Trinovid binoculars serviced. I just ran out onto the porch as soon as I got them... to see across the lagoon and I swear I can see farther with them than before. I’ll be thanking you.
(Julie Brooks, Aitutaki, Cook Islands, South Pacific).

I have just received the binoculars (Ross 8x30 Steptron) this morning and they are perfect. They can match my Nikon. Good job Tony!
(Ng Tuck Meng, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia).

Just a quick note to say many thanks for the binoculars sent for servicing. Terrific job done on the Krauss, brought back from the dead. They are something special optically. All in all a great job done on the eyepieces and optics.
(Glynn Bates, Atnerstone, UK).

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the very swift service in repairing my Zeiss (10x50 Jenoptem) binoculars. The end result is beyond my wildest expectations, they are superb. I did not believe they could be rescued at all and now they look as if they have just come out of the box. I am absolutely delighted. I will be recommending you to family and friends without hesitation.
(M. Knight, Bristol, UK).

Just wanted to say that I got the CF41s (Barr & Stroud 7x50s) this past Friday. They look wonderful and the view through them is even better!! I would not have thought to send the binoculars overseas, but your website photos of WW2 glasses that you have repaired sold me on doing so with my old glasses. Glad I sent them “home” for a refit.
(T. Tamberg, Los Angeles).

I received my Oigee’s (6x24 Dienstglas) yesterday and couldn’t believe what you guys did to it. ….. Speechless, all the adjustments are much more fluid and not strenuous. But to my amazement what a hell of a frigging difference I tell you. I am trying really hard not to swear in this e-mail from total excitement (a Canadian thing) sorry. The clarity totally beyond my expectation after repair. You guys are the king of the optics world.
(A. da Silva, Montreal).

I’ve just received my binoculars back from their service. They look tremendous and, thankfully, you had old original Zeiss spares with which to replace the damaged bottom plates on my Zeiss 8x40 ‘Delactis’ binoculars. Not everybody could have done that and I’d recommend OPTREP to anyone.
(S. Baillie, Livingston, Scotland, UK).

I e-mailed Optrep with a photo of my damaged Helios 7x50 WP ‘Weather Master’ binoculars. The left side objective lens barrel was snapped off inside the main prism housing. I was convinced my pride and joy were beyond repair but within a few days the binoculars were being assessed in Tony Kay’s workshop, a new part was manufactured, the binoculars were assembled and tested and were promptly returned to me by courier…… I have used Optrep’s services previously, they are efficient, professional and quick and their charge was very reasonable; new binoculars of equivalent value would have cost three times as much. I recommend Optrep to anyone who recognises the value of a good repair compared to the cost of a replacement.
(R. Duck, Wroxhall, Isle of Wight, UK).

My binoculars arrived back as promised early this morning – first class. Firstly, I have to admit I bought these binoculars (Carl Zeiss 8x32 Notarem) in a junk shop in Hastings for £15-00 in the hope I could get them repaired as it was obvious the internal focussing mechanism was no longer attached to the focusing wheel. I’ve had them for about a year and recently decided to look for a reputable company to repair them. I note you have made new parts to repair the focusing mechanism. I tried them immediately out of the box and they are fantastic, objects are clear and come into sharp focus. I am absolutely delighted with the work you have done as these would have been consigned to the bin……..
(N. Arculus, Sutton Coldfield, UK).

'Checkpoint Charlie' Zeiss 7x40s were pretty impressive when I bought them, but I must say that since they got the 'Optrep treatment' they are now simply breathtaking. A dull left optic is now crystal clear - like its twin - and the mechanical operation is super smooth. Even some apparent sloppiness in their original assembly (1985) has been addressed, leaving them not just as good as, but seemingly better than new. A quick and efficient service worth every penny.'
(Tom Mansel, London, UK).

HOLY COW!!! I've just received a brand new Zeiss 7x50 (U-Boat) binocular with a charming WW II combat patina. Nice work. Get ready to do your magic some more. As I said, you are the only game in town (charming New York compliment meaning, 'You da best, guy!').
With friendliest regards, Mike Patterson. (New York)

'I received my CF41s back today.  What a difference!  You have really done a super job on them!  I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs optics cleaned and repaired.'
C.B. of Egham, Surrey, UK.

"The Zeiss (8x56) are as good as they ever were optically and I would recommend OptRep to anyone who needs their binoculars revitalising. Many thanks for an excellent VERY reasonably priced service."
D.J.M., Colwyn Bay, UK.

"The refurbished binoculars arrived safely….. The lenses are now crystal clear, the mechanicals are silky smooth and overall I am delighted with the work you have done. I have no hesitation in recommending your quality service."
J.D., Ipswich, UK.

"….the scope arrived today and the optics are better than I expected. I cannot say enough good things about you and your company. Great price for the repairs, fast service and a real pleasure to deal with. I am recommending you to anyone who needs optics repairs."
W.M.J.M., USA.

"Many thanks for the job you have done on my WW2 binoculars. I am really pleased with them. I suspect that they are now just as good as the day they were issued."
B.B., Great Barfield, UK.

"….you have done a great job (on my CF41s), I am very pleased and the turn around time was impressive. They arrived yesterday and I had time to watch some Artic Terns giving a flying display over a thundercloud. With the unaided eye they were not visible, with the use of the Binoculars it was astounding. I am very pleased with the outcome……"
D.H., Naburn, York, UK.

"Many thanks for a great job done on my binoculars, they are better now than when I got them. You do a great service all around……"
C.B., Widnes, Cheshire, UK.

"…..thank you for the absolutely superb job you did on my Tal 100R refractor and my Carl Zeiss 10x40 Notarem binoculars. It is a real pleasure to see workmanship like yours of the very first class!! I have never seen optics cleaned as well as these two items…… Fantastic!! The views through the telescope and binoculars are now amazing…."
R.O., St.Leonards-on-Sea.

“….thank you for doing an excellent job, optically and mechanically they (binoculars) are as good as new! I must say you have exceeded my expectations…..”
R.S.L., Netherlands.

“In a word, thrilled!.....I cannot remember them (binoculars) being this good”.
S.W., Birmingham
, UK

“You are to be congratulated for your fast, efficient, friendly service AND actually doing what was required. ……I shall be looking no further for future repairs”.
M.H., Belfast, UK.

“Thank you very much for your excellent work on my Zeiss 10x40 binoculars. I have been impressed by the quality of the cleaning (and replacement of parts as requested) and the short time you took”.
M.O., Isle of Islay, UK.

“The optics are ‘gin clear’, the moving parts are smooth as silk and the binoculars even smell right!”.
R.P., Bromley, UK.

“I must say the testimonials on your website are correct, you do offer a fantastic service”
C.F. of Walsall, UK

"I am very satisfied with the standard of the work and the speedy return of my telescope, especially over a Ban holiday weekend."
C.S. of Addlestone, Surrey, UK.

"I was more than satisfied with the repairs to my Carl Zeiss Notarem binoculars. A first class job carried out quickly, to the highest standards and at a very reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to recommend your services. "
C.J.L. of Winchester, UK.

"Your service was extremely efficient, professional and keenly priced. A superb turnaround! The optics are now crystal and it is as smooth as silk to operate. (Optolyth 30x80 telescope). "
A. Brown, UK.

"Got the binoculars back today - thank you! What an excellent service.
It might seem silly to get attached to a mere "tool", but I really thought that they were a gonner with 20+ years "on the clock". But now after your service they are as good as new! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone who will listen (and to some that won't!). "

J.Mackle, UK.

"A wonderfully quick and efficient service."
A.D. of Yetminster, Dorse, UKt.

“You appear to have serviced my binoculars most satisfactorily, at a reasonable cost and in double quick time…….”
B.M.M.B of Gillingham, UK

“I have been delighted with the work Optrep performed and, though I hesitated to send the binos that great distance, I made the right choice….”
B.B. (USA)

“I am 100% delighted with Optrep. The service is efficient, professional and competitively priced. Fast turnaround too! I would not dream of going elsewhere…”

“Phenomenally good service – swift and ultra-professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Optrep….”
F.O. of Reading
, UK

“The service was fantastic and Wow, after the scope’s return, it was literally as good as new.”
S.F. of Pilsey, UK.

“60 year old binoculars as good as new. Very quick and efficient service”.
M.T. of Tonbridge, UK.

“First rate service of the highest quality”
P.J. of Sutton Poyntz, UK.

“First class service, communication and speed of repair…….We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your shop to others”.
M.S. of Newmarket
, UK

"Thanks for an excellent job at a very reasonable price. The scope seems now to be optically perfect again. I had quite thought it might be unrepairable, or at least a repair would cost me a great deal more....."

"I am most impressed with the speedy and very efficient service provided by Optrep and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone".
N.C.J. (FBCO).

“This company repaired my binoculars when others said no more could be done.”
(V.B. of New Milton, UK)

“Impressed with the prompt and efficient service received.”
(D.R.G. of Ashford-in-the-Water, UK)

“…….an excellent job well done.”
(J.C. of Arundale, Australia)

Selected customer’s comments will be updated from time to time.

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